WATCH – Reporter Slips Up, Accidentally Admits Why Hillary Banned Cameras

Flash cameras apparently were not allowed at last night’s debate. No big deal, except for the fact a TV host just spilled the beans why!

As you are about to see in the video below, the Secret Service forbid flash cameras because they were worried it would trigger a Hillary seizure!

I really wish she would have given an exact source to verify the story, but airing on a national morning show is good enough for me to run with it!

So, here we go again… Hillary says everything is fine and she just had pneumonia, but yet Secret Service agents are trying to prevent seizures!

If the claim is true, Hillary has a LOT of explaining to do for yet another lie that she has been telling the American people.

Has anyone ever seen a presidential reception? How about when presidents make appearances overseas? There are literally hundreds of flashes going off at the same time!

If Hillary is elected, would there then be a worldwide ban on flashes for every appearance she makes or would the American people live in fear their president would be taken down by not a bullet, but flash photography?

It may sound like a joke, but it is anything but. I have ripped her for her stamina before but this is something completely new that I had never even thought about. I cannot make it more clear, a presidential candidate needs to be in near perfect health, regardless of age, if they are going to be able to carry out their term.

Regardless of the candidate, we need our president, the one elected by the people, to carry out their duties. That is not possible if that president is sick in bed or in the hospital for days or weeks on end. You owe us the truth Hillary, which I know is very hard for you, but maybe just this one you could try to do that for us.

Do you think the story is true and flash photography was banned because the Secret Service was worried about Hillary’s seizures being triggered?

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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