WATCH – Reporter Sneaks Up On Hillary, Catches Her Doing THIS In Public, WOW!

This new Hillary Clinton video shows how the Democrat functions and behaves when she thinks no one is watching. With the first debate just a few hours away, will Hillary be able to withstand the physical “challenge” of standing for 90 minutes?

Hillary Clinton appears to be focusing very diligently on each step she gingerly takes while keeping a tight grasp on the handrail attached to a short set of stairs.

The viral new video of Hillary Clinton exiting the Apple Seeds Kids Center was taken by a reporter’s camera crew BEFORE the career politician realized she was being recorded.

Hillary’s intense focus on every step she takes is something one would expect from a person far older or in ill health—or anyone not wanting to fall on snow or ice, but it is only September, so that would surely not be the case.

Clinton’s demeanor changes drastically once she realizes a camera has happened upon her.

The instant perkiness is almost unnerving, and then Hillary resumes her deep study of the ground before her as she grasps tightly onto the car door to maneuver over the sidewalk and into the vehicle.

Clinton’s choice of wardrobe has been called into question as well—and not because she is wearing another tacky yet over-priced pantsuit.

At first, viewers might think it is just a whole lot colder in NYC than where they are sitting, but a quick Google search of the temperature states otherwise.

Why is Hillary the only person in the video shown bundled up for winter?

Once again, the Democrat is covering the bulk of her body with heavy and loose clothing even when wearing such an ensemble is not appropriate for the day’s warm temperature. Why?

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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