WATCH: Reporters Just Startled Hillary With This 1 Question, Her Odd Response Is Turning Heads

Reporters are turning heads over an odd response Hillary Clinton gave Friday afternoon.

When asked a straightforward question while visiting Uprising Muffin Co. in Washington, D.C., the presumptive Democratic nominee seemed to want to avoid giving a simple answer.

“Have you talked about vice presidential possibilities with Sen. Warren?” one of the reporters asked Clinton.

She then awkwardly bobbed her head and laughed while others repeated the question, wanting to hear an answer.

“You guys have got to try the cold chai,” Clinton responded, holding up the glass of tea she had been sipping on.

Hannah Chanpong, a reporter for CBS News, tweeted out the video:

Thursday, Warren officially endorsed Clinton for president. On Friday, the pair met privately. Some members of the media have speculated that Clinton might have asked Warren to be her running mate during the election.

The Democrat party is now eager to unite and defeat Donald Trump. In a speech Friday, Clinton told a crowd, “When Donald Trump says ‘Let’s make America great again,’ that’s code for, ‘Let’s take America backward.’”

h/t: The Hill

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