WATCH: Retired Marine Tears Into Media For Anti-Trump Bias

Donald Trump held a press conference earlier today at which he presented a list of several dozen veterans organizations that received funds the New York billionaire raised earlier in the year. Trump is hoping the list will silence media critics who claim that he hadn’t disbursed the money as promised. However, Donald Trump wasn’t the only critic of the media present at this afternoon’s press conference.

New Hampshire State Representative Al Baldasaro, a 22-year veteran of the U.S Marine Corps and supporter of Trump, took the opportunity to defend Donald Trump.

“I would never, ever in a million years put my name on a candidate that did not, from his heart, look me in the eye and tell me he’s concerned about veterans,” Baldasaro said. “That’s Donald Trump.” Baldasaro went on to say that Trump did the right thing by closely vetting each veterans organization to protect the funds from being used by “scam artists” who give pennies on the dollar to needy veterans.

Baldasaro also slammed the media for “using veterans as political pawns.”

“You’re all focussed on the way he’s raising money and you’re not looking at the 22 veterans who are killing each other every day,” Baldasaro said in reference to the staggering number of veterans that commit suicide. “You’re not concerned about the thousands of veterans that are on wait lists.”

h/t Washington Free Beacon

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