WATCH: RNC Blasts ‘Crooked Hillary’ In New Attack Ad

With Donald Trump having locked up the presidential nomination, the Republican party is beginning to pivot into general election mode. The Republican National Committee has launched a new ad against Hillary Clinton, taking the former Secretary of State to task for making statements that have been proven false by the new State Department Inspector General’s report.

According to the recently released IG report, Hillary Clinton never sought permission to use a private email server and would not have been granted permission to do so if she had. The report also reveals that the former Secretary of State did not comply with department policies when she failed to turn over all official emails before she left office.

The fact that the RNC would launch an ad against Hillary Clinton is not in itself news. However, the fact that the RNC would use Donald Trump’s nickname for the former Secretary of State, “crooked Hillary’ shows that the party is indeed beginning to rally around Trump’s message.

Watch the RNC’s new attack ad, “Crooked Hillary Gets Caught Lying Again”:

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