WATCH – Robert Jeffress Explains PERFECTLY Why Christians Are Voting For TRUMP!

Why are Christians voting for Donald Trump? The reason is simple. Even though he is not perfect, they believe he is God’s chosen leader for this country. Evangelicals realize God’s hand is on this nation, and they realize Donald Trump could very well be the one called to lead the USA, for a number of crucial reasons:

First of all, Dr. Jeffress said Christians are looking for somebody who will reverse the downward death spiral in this country.

Dr. Jeffress narrowed down the reason many Christians support Donald Trump to three important principles.

Donald Trump is the only presidential candidate who is pro-life and who will protect the sanctity of unborn life at every stage. One of the main reasons I myself am a conservative is because I cannot, in good conscience, endorse the abortion is unborn babies. I greatly respect Donald Trump for his stance on this.

Moreover, Donald Trump is committed to preserving the principles of religious liberty. Unlike his opponent, he will not bend to the will of radical Islam or militant atheism.

Perhaps most importantly, Donald Trump is also fully in favor of conservative justices on the Supreme Court. Do we want all of America to end up like Detroit? Of course not! But if we allow Hillary Clinton to be “elected” president it will happen.

“I really do think this is the last opportunity to turn this country around,” Dr. Jeffress said.

He said that is why he thinks evangelicals will come out in full force and vote for Donald Trump. The real estate billionaire is also a new Christian, and so he is probably the “David” for this period in time to lead our country.

Unless we want this country to become more like Europe, it is in our best interests to turn out for Donald Trump.

This isn’t the election of 2012 where evangelical support was immensely low for Mitt Romney because he was a Mormon. In 2016 the stakes are just too high.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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