WATCH – Rudy Giuliani Issued THIS Special 9/11 Video Message to Terrorists, It’s PERFECT!

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani took a moment to remember 9/11 with millions of people around the world on the 15th Anniversary of one of America’s greatest tragedies. A video of his special message to terrorists everywhere has gone viral.

“They didn’t succeed in breaking our spirit,” Giuliani said on Fox and Friends“The country came right back.”

A statement like this could not have come at a better time—a time when a line continues to divide the American people with Hillary on one side and Trump on the other.

9/11 represents not only a time of great sorrow for America but also a time when we came together in the face of opposition, and New York City recovered faster than anyone thought possible because of our unity.

At Ground Zero, two pools stood to memorialize the Twin Towers as well as a museum, a park, and a transit hub.

Both presidential campaigns were postponed for 24 hours for the 9/11 memorial.

Trump went back to his native New York to honor the fallen heroes of the city, being there for them as he was 15 years ago providing aide and support to the city when it was most in need.

Hillary, on the other hand, stayed out of the media during 9/11 and barely showed her face as the state’s senator and left the memorial service 15 years later because of a “medical episode” involving either heat exhaustion or pneumonia depending on the day of the week.

Trump has repeatedly shown himself to be a man of the people—someone who will support his community and his country time and again.

We The People need to unite as we did that fateful day 15 years ago and lead this country on a path where it will once again be great.

Trump is the man for the job—a man who honors 9/11 and honors the American way.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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