WATCH – Rush Exposes The REAL Reason Democrats Are PANICKING About Trump’s Win

This past Tuesday, Donald Trump won a historic election when Americans all over the country rejected Hillary Clinton’s corruption, but one conservative pundit thinks that the election was about more than the lesser of two evils.

In one of his broadcasts, Rush Limbaugh said, “Their purpose for living is to beat us. We are their number one enemy. “ The liberals who voted against Donald Trump now they feel that, with this loss, they have lost their best chance to fundamentally change the United States into a more socialist country.

In other words, this election is not just about the failure of the democrats to hold power, it is the defeat of the ideological fabric of their party, which is built on socialism.

He went on to say, “Look, I hate to be redundant here, folks. You couldn’t have a more clearly defined reason for the Democrats losing yesterday and the Republicans winning than what we got. And God bless everybody involved for making it happen. It couldn’t be more crystal clear. There’s nothing ambiguous about this at all. Big government liberalism, whether people know it or not, was told to go to hell. Big government liberalism is Obama. It was rejected.”

Donald Trump did not narrowly defeat Clinton, he won in a landslide victory. Americans everywhere went to the polls and said we do not want to be a European socialist country, we want to be America!

It is one thing to know in the academic sense that big government liberalism and socialism are failed ideologies by studying the fall of the Soviet Union but it is another thing to see it politically rejected by the people like it was on Tuesday.

The democrats will fall back on excuses and say that the real problem was not the message of socialism, but rather the issue was that Hillary was not the right messenger.

While it is true that Hillary is a corrupt Washington insider, Americans rejected her big government philosophy. We the People were simply tired of government as usual. It is truly time for change.

America was never designed to have a big government and the American people have a longing to be free deep within their consciousness. Our government today is NOT what our Framers and Founders had in mind when they started this over 200 years ago.

That is why Americans went the ballot box and said no to big government, no to socialism, and no to the failed economic policies of the democrats.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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