WATCH – ‘Sex, Drugs, and Murder’ – Viral Hillary Video Spreading Like CRAZY, Hillary is Panicking

Hillary Clinton’s past is catching up with her again. A new video details Bill and Hillary Clinton’s shady, possibly criminal, financial shenanigans.

Larry Nichols is the former deputy director for the Arkansas Development Finance Authority. He said for many months he saw the agency’s account accrue large sums of money, but then it suddenly had a zero balance. Nichols researched the strange bookkeeping issue and finally came to conclude Bill and Hillary Clinton were laundering drug money.

The former Arkansas official said at the time there was about $100 million in cocaine moving in and out of the state. “In a little state like Arkansas, how do you ‘clean’ $100 million,” Larry Nichols asked aloud during the recently resurfaced television interview.

To bolster his point, Larry Nichols said Bill Clinton’s best friend was arrested and sent to jail with Roger Clinton (the former president’s brother) on cocaine trafficking charges. He also maintained that Bill, his best friend, and his brother routinely had big piles of cocaine in an office and gave it away to young women… free of charge.

In this viral video, Bill Clinton and his pals were also accused of taking advantage of teenage girls after giving them cocaine. Larry Patterson, a former Arkansas state police officer, says in the video he personally saw Bill Clinton “engage in sexual acts” when he was dispatched as security detail for Clinton when he was Arkansas’s governor.

Roger Perry, another former state police officer, said every time he drove Clinton, he would constantly engage in conversations or jokes about women and sex. Perry maintains Bill Clinton would quiz people on how they performed oral sex or if they had ever had sex with more than one woman at the same time.

“Hillary’s the one, that I promise you…pulls the strings. She pulled them in Arkansas, she pulled them in the White House when she was there as the first lady, and my god if she gets to be president, what you see out here now is going to change,” Larry Nichols said when referencing the power of Hillary and the dynamic that exists between her and Bill. “We thought it changed with Obama, but it’s nothing compared to what’s going to happen with Hillary.”

Larry Nichols says the “86 Plan” was hatched by the Clintons back in 1986. The plan laid the groundwork for both to one day become president, InfoWars reports. The 86 Plan included that Bill would become a United Nations ambassador thanks to his connections through the Clinton Foundation.

After Bill Clinton was made a member of the United Nations, Hillary was going to use their international sway to have her husband made the secretary general of the United Nations, Nichols also noted. “They will have achieved more power than any couple in the history of the world when they pull that stunt,” Nichols continued.

“We are at the beginning of a velvet or silent coup. It’s been going on for years. There’s been a slow subtle takeover of our form of government, starting years and years ago, but it is coming to an end. That’s why there is this power play now. It’s more aggressive than you have seen before. If we don’t stop Hillary, it’s over,” Nichols also said, according to a USA Watchdog report.

Nichols is right. We must end Hillary’s dreams of the presidency now. It will be too late to restore our country to greatness and protect the Constitution when a chance to correct the mistake rolls around in four years.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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