WATCH – Sheriff Clarke Just Revealed WHO Is Behind the Charlotte Riots

As a man who has spent most of his adult life in law enforcement, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke realizes when someone with criminal intent has an ulterior motive. To put it bluntly, he is noticing it with an increasing fervor in the unrest in various American cities.

“I know these people,” Clarke said. “I know what they’re up to. I know their model. The anarchists are exploiting these poor people in these urban ghettos to be the riot-starters.”

The latest round of riots broke out after the fatal shooting of 43-year-old Charlotte, NC resident Keith Lamont Scott. Sixteen police officers have suffered injuries in the riots, and they have noticed a disturbing trend: those engaged in the riots are getting much more sophisticated and harder to break up.

Clarke placed the blame solely where it belonged—squarely on the shoulders of the riot-starters. They are simply using the incident for political gain and inciting ill-informed people to riot before they know all the facts in a case.

According to Sheriff Clarke, these tactics are nothing new.

Besides noticing it in Ferguson in 2014, he said the race riots in the 1960’s in Detroit, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, and Newark, NJ followed a similar pattern.

He said the only way to combat this “subhuman behavior” is to be aggressive and assertive in the earliest moments after an incident.

Finally, it needs to be realized that anarchists have a solid movement with devoted followers, and a lot of innocent people will lose their businesses, jobs, and even their lives if police officers fail to realize the challenges they are up against.

The soft approach did not work during the 1960’s. It did not work in Ferguson.

Frankly, it will not work anywhere. Be aware that liberalism is the very definition of the soft, uninformed approach.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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