WATCH: Shocking Person Spotted Behind Obama As He Steps Off Plane In Orlando

Less than a week has passed since the horrific ISIS-inspired terrorist attack in Orlando. In the days that followed the attack, as Western Journalism reported, Florida Gov. Rick Scott took calls from George W. Bush, and Donald Trump, but as of Tuesday, had not personally spoken with President Obama.

On Tuesday, Scott said he had received calls from White House staffers but had not yet received a call from Obama. The explanation for not having received a call from the president could be better explained with the understanding the president made plans to travel to Florida. On Thursday, flying on Air Force One, Obama traveled from D.C. to Orlando.

Joining Obama was Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., and Congresswoman Corrine Brown, D-Fla., who flew with the president on Air Force One. The two members of the legislative branch of government, according to White House spokesman Eric Shultz, traveled with the president to Florida to demonstrate their support for Orlando and all of Florida’s citizens who are mourning the loss of the 49 club patrons killed by ISIS sympathizer Omar Mateen.

The Hill’s Jordan Fabian wrote, “Obama’s visit to the central Florida city is expected to be low-key compared to some of his other trips to the sites of mass shootings.”

Schultz said the members of Congress were not planning on talking politics on the flight but would, rather, focus their efforts on showing solidarity for grieving families. In fact, the president is not even planning to give a speech but will spend most of his time in Florida meeting with the families of the victims.

“This is a moment where Democrats and Republicans can come together and show (solidarity) in the wake of a horrific attack,” Schultz said.

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