Watch: SHOCKING Thing Happens During Opening Prayer At Dem Convention, Could Foreshadow What’s To Come

Creeping tendrils of dysfunction and dissension are beginning to grow at the Democratic National Convention, with signs of a divided party showing through even during the convention-opening invocation Monday.

As Western Journalism reported:

Rev. Cynthia Hale’s opening prayer linked the delegates’ responsibility to God with the nomination of Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Party’s nominee for the presidency.

Even loud cheers from the crowd could not mask a strong undertone of jeering. Once the cheers began to subside, enough delegates started chanting “Bernie” loudly enough to make Hale pause in her invocation.

For the rest of the opening prayer, booing infiltrated the cheering. After each wave of cheers passed its peak, a round of chants emerged from supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., who lost a hard-fought battle to Clinton for the Democratic nomination.

Some chants during the invocation and after replicated those of Sunday, when Sanders supporters marched and chanted, “Lock her up,” an anti-Clinton rallying cry coined at the Republican National Convention. Daily Beast reporter Betsy Woodruff noted that “lock her up” was heard in more than one place on the convention floor.

Other reporters also commented on the extensive calls to “lock her up.”

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