WATCH – Stacey Dash ANNIHILATES Hillary With THIS Epic 1-Sentence Slam

There has been a lot of mixed reaction after Clinton’s IT specialist pleaded the fifth an astonishing 125 times. Liberals are poo-pooing it of course, but Stacey Dash has a different view:

“She’s a very calculated criminal and how could you want a criminal to run your country? There are so many smoking guns. Why have they not indicted her?…Because the president doesn’t want them to indict her, that’s why.”

The comments were on “Outnumbered” and were an examination of all of the recent developments in this case. To start with, Hillary might be under the delusion that this is just a security review but a judge on June 14th called it a “criminal investigation.”

On June 23rd, there were released emails which showed state staffers actually disabled security in order to accommodate Clinton’s home server, and the State Department also confirmed Clinton failed to turn over a 2010 email exchange where one of top aides showed concern over her emails being insecure.

Furthermore, there is now access to Hillary Clinton’s official calendar, which shows 75 missing entries for meetings with donors and loyalists.

The ramifications are pretty intense now, and the noose is starting to tighten. Clinton already has a problem with trustworthiness from the voters.

Obviously, people are waking up to what we in conservative circles have known for over 20 years now. Hillary is not trustworthy.

Could this IT specialist be the one who verifies to even Clinton’s die-hard supporters that she is not to be trusted? It’s very possible. Judge Napolitano calls him her “beast in the night” because of how much he knows about Hillary’s improper email practices.

Considering that Donald Rumsfeld said Hillary would “already be prosecuted” over her emails if she were in the military, perhaps we should take a page out of Stacey Dash’s book and start holding her to the same standard as everyone else? I absolutely think so.

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