WATCH – Ted Cruz PRAISES Trump, But What He Did Next Has Hillary FREAKING OUT

Ted Cruz shocked many folks when he finally came out and endorsed Donald Trump. And now, the action he has promised to take after he said he would get behind the Republican nominee is shaking the Hillary Clinton campaign to its core.

Donald Trump has been offered a helping hand on debate prep from chief primary foe Ted Cruz, as per Real Clear Politics.

“I am happy to help. I have conveyed that to them. I will do whatever I can to defeat Hillary Clinton. My heavy focus this cycle, in addition to defeating Hillary, is on preserving a Republican majority in the Senate, and I am working hard to help my colleagues get reelected,” Senator Cruz said.

Cruz also believes Donald Trump had his strongest debate performance since the election season began when he faced down Hillary Clinton on Monday evening.

“I think he really went after Hillary, which was a good thing. And I think he drew strong contrast, particularly on taxes, and on regulation and on law and order and on the disastrous Iran deal. And so I thought it was a good debate night,” Cruz pointed out.

Ted Cruz is an excellent debater—even the liberal pundits in the mainstream media have been forced to admit the Texan’s prowess at the podium.

With Cruz’s help, Donald Trump will be able to perform even better the next time he shares a stage with Hillary Clinton.

Unlike Ohio Governor John Kasich, Ted Cruz is fulfilling his pledge to truly support the Republican nominee.

“Anyone who is swooning at Hillary’s performance last night, that’s a pretty good indication that you’re a card-carrying member of the liberal media, especially in the first half hour. I think Donald very much had the upper hand over Hillary. Hillary was tentative and had no real answers. She was on the defensive the entire time,” Cruz said.

What began as a “bromance” got really ugly before the end of the primary, but, unfortunately, politics gets that way more often than not.

Before the mud was slung between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, the two Republicans stood together on many issues and had a shared view for the future of America.

Now that the hatched appears buried for good, Cruz can turn out to be a very powerful asset for Donald Trump, especially when it comes to the debate stage.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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