Watch The Moment CNN Host LOSES It On Air Over 1 Thing Trump Adviser Just Said About Hillary

Just hours after the House Special Committee on Benghazi released its report, various allegations of foul play and negligence have been launched against presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton regarding the death of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens.

One such insinuation came from Donald Trump adviser Michael Cohen, who shared a tweet that suggested Clinton murdered Stevens and cited her low polls numbers on honesty and national security.

In response to this, CNN’s Legal View host Ashleigh Banfield flew into a tirade against Cohen, claiming the tweet amounted to libel and questioned how Cohen could suggest “a woman murdered an ambassador.”

“This show is called legal view, because we know a thing or two about the law and Michael Cohen is a lawyer, that there is libel! To suggest that a woman murdered an ambassador … that’s pretty strident stuff,” exclaimed Banfield.

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