WATCH: The Truth About the Michelle Fields ‘Assault’

Treva Blanton said: If you see the part of the video I saw, it starts where it looks as if Trump jerks his right arm away from Fields. However, the Liberal media refuse to start the video PRIOR to that section actually showing what I believe to be the truth. The campaign mgr must have seen this and stepped in to make sure she didn’t touch Trump again.

Robert Cefail said: The regular people out in America are laughing at how the media is blowing up a story of an attention seeking reporter (fields) who first said she was thrown to the ground and then has had to back away when video showed a totally different picture. I listen to talk radio and the media (and Trumps opponents) keeps adding more Trump supporters by these idiot attacks that are transparent to the regular guy and gal.


Great summation of the real events surrounding Lewandowski and attention seeker Michelle Fields.

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