WATCH: This Anti-Hillary Video is Going Massively Viral, Hillary Wants It Hidden!

The latest Hillary Clinton video to go viral has absolutely nothing to do with a massive coughing fit or more lies about her emails. Every American should take a few minutes to watch the hilarious way the truth about Hillary is revealed in such a simplistic manner that even liberals will be able to grasp it.

“Bribes sound so much nicer when you call them speaking fees,” one of the lines in the faux Hillary children’s book reads.

While watching the video that covers so much of Hillary’s treachery over the years, I did not find myself seething with anger at Clinton like I thought I would be.

She is a liberal elitist career politician doing exactly what all liberal elitist career politicians try to do—she just does it a whole lot “better” than most.

Being angry at what she has gotten away with for far too long would be akin to getting mad at a dog for barking at a cat.

Each animal is doing what comes natural to it, although the dog does it with a lot more honesty, sans any effort to hide the fact that he is indeed a dog and is, yes, opening his mouth repeatedly to make an irritating noise.

Nope, the video did not spark any increased anger for Hillary—perhaps I am maxed out.

Instead, it made me mad at my fellow citizens.

The corruption and criminal activity by both Hillary and Bill Clinton is obvious to even the most feeble of minds.

Over and over again, Americans are content to remain uniformed, uncaring, and unpatriotic and have allowed the Clintons to remain a powerful, dual force in America.

We all have a responsibility to vote, educate others, and staunchly prod them to get informed as well as calling, emailing, or going to see the elected officials who are supposed to be serving us and this once great nation.

Sitting home and complaining that “someone should do something” or “someone should run” to prevent the continued swell of liberalism, political correctness, and corruption in our government is what got us to this point.

Now, galvanized by the movement started by Donald Trump, we are poised to not just end the Clinton regime but to make them pay for their crimes.

We the People have power but only when we exercise it—loudly, frequently—while pushing others to do so as well.

Complacency and apathy led to the rise of Hillary Clinton and a culture that has come to glorify all things liberal.

The Clintons are like bullies—they will fall once someone stands up to them.

Until Donald Trump, no one ever dared to do so.

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