WATCH This Arizona Trucker Absolutely WRECK This BLM Thugs Day After He Mouthed Off (VIDEO)

Here is a video for some clean entertainment. Everyone needs a good laugh every once in a while. A New York City thug thought it would be a brilliant idea to trash talk and mouth off to an Arizona based truck driver. He made a big mistake that he will soon regret.

Watch here,

The video shows the two engaging in some colorful language. The trucker appears mostly calm with the exception of the expletives he uses until the thug pushes him one step too far. The African American man keeps on cursing at the truck driver as the truck driver tries to be the bigger man and walk away.

As the truck driver walks away the little thug continues to antagonize him by cursing at him and engaging with him. A man in an orange shirt tries breaking up the fight and serving as an intermediary. However, he has little success.

The black man begins to address the camera and curses at it talking about honor is in New York by himself. Then he begins to walk back towards the truck driver. The black man attempts to punch the truck driver but he got s rude awakening.

The truck driver in a green shirt basically picks him up by his behind and stops him from hitting him and slams him down on the car before slamming him down on the ground. The white car they are next to drives away and the two men punch at each other.

It becomes a one sided fight as the truck driver pins the black man to the ground and punches him in the head and shoulders for a good 15-20 seconds. Two men intervene and tell him it’s finished and they call begin to walk away.

Never mess with an Arizona truck driver. Point taken.

H/T: Freedom Daily

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