WATCH: THIS New Trump Ad Will WIN Him the Women’s Vote – IF People See It!

Old media elites and Democrats are attempting to paint Donald Trump as a sexist who will be bad for women if he is elected the next president of the United States.

Journalists are constantly calling on Trump to prove he doesn’t hate women and treats them fairly, but they give Hillary Clinton a pass on the issue even though her history on such matters is rocky at best.

“I’m proud to have such a strong track record of employing and promoting women in the workplace! As President, I will make sure women receive equal pay for equal work!”Donald Trump said in a Facebook post shared with the viral video.

The now viral video features clips from Ivanka Trump’s memorable speech during the Republican Convention.

The eldest Trump daughter highlighted her father’s long history of judging all job applicants, employees, business partners, and folks he dealt with regularly based on their character, hard work, and intelligence.

“At my father’s company, there are more female than male executives,” Ivanka said when listing of the many ways her father has always treated women as equals and valued members of the Trump Corporation.

The GOP presidential nominee was the first person to hire a female construction project manager.

Male staffers have reportedly outnumbered the females on Hillary’s staff – a make-up that may have quickly been changed to avoid negative optics after she won the Democrat primary and her commitment to women in the workplace was questioned.

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