WATCH – ‘Time For Pitchforks And Fire!’ – Sheriff Clarke Is FED UP, Issues THIS Video Alert

As one of the founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson sacrificed every fiber of his being to help the fledgling United States eventually become a haven for liberty. Jefferson believed that periodic revolution was necessary in order to remove the excesses, corruption, and violations that accumulate when a federal government becomes too big. Sheriff David Clarke appears to be cut from the same cloth.

Clarke said he was tired of noticing how Congress, the White House, the Department of Justice, government institutions, and the media are so corrupt. He no longer wants to just complain about it—he wants to take action.

Last Monday, Sheriff Clarke expounded on his comments. He said the American public has had enough of the criminal activity by bureaucrats in Washington and the corruption existing throughout the culture of Washington, which is not limited to just one party.

“I meant the same thing Fredrick Douglass said when he said the institution of slavery is a system of brute force and must be fought with its own weapons,” Clarke said. “I meant the same thing that Barack Obama in a fundraiser in 2008 when he said, ‘If they pull a knife, we’ll pull a gun.’”

In a nutshell, Sheriff Clarke is calling for people to take ownership of their country again, and it is a sentiment permeating throughout the country. “A growing number of Americans are fed up with this government,” he said. “They feel it no longer belongs with them. They no longer have any control over it.”

America has become a shadow of its former self, and the mirror reflection of our country reveals a face we no longer recognize. The bloated politics and entitlement programs coupled with abuse has given America the battered face of a drug addict.

“We’re not a constitutional republic,” Clarke said. “We’ve become an administrative state.” Hillary Clinton is a microcosm of the current state of our country, and she will only make things worse.

“The Constitution is being shredded,” Sheriff Clarke continued. “The rule of law does not matter for certain people in Washington DC, and people have had it.” As a result of this, a change is needed in this country.

“I’m suggesting the same thing the Founding Fathers did in the 1770’s when they drew up the Declaration of Independence,” Clarke concluded. “It’s right there. Were they inciting violence? No. What they wanted was self-rule. They wanted a government that was controlled by the people and not the bureaucrats in Washington.”

We echo the sheriff’s sentiments. If only someone would rise up and become a representative of the frustrations many are feeling with both parties in Washington. For too many years, voter apathy has ruled the day, and now we need someone to stand in the gap for us. If only…

Wait… there is already is someone, and his name is Donald Trump. Turnout is the key, folks, and we have to show up at the ballot box and vote for him as the next president, then we can take this country back!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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