WATCH – Tomi Lahren GOES OFF On ‘Tough Guy’ Obama, over 3 MILLION Have Watched It

Tomi Lahren of The Blaze has a few things to say about President Barack Obama’s sudden courage.

“Look at that, now Barry has some guts. Now with only a couple weeks of expensive tax payer paid vacation left,” Lahren stated.

Lahren is referring to Obama’s statements against Russia. Obama said, “Our goal continues to be to send a clear message to Russia, and others, to not do this. Because we can do stuff to you.”

But in reality, Obama is only willing to play “cowboy” or the “tough guy” act against those who aren’t Islamic States. Obama has never threatened them with anything other than a bigger buy-out, even though they are the real threat to America.

Instead of defending the American people against the terrorist attacks, and putting the blame on Islamic militant terrorism, where it belongs, he instead preaches peace and understanding of the religion as a whole.

But when it comes to Russia President Obama has no qualms in threatening them, even though the Russian hack theory has no real evidence behind it.

Americans are calling for America to be great again because the Democrats have dragged us down. Our debt has been increased exponentially because of Obama, as have our unemployment and homeless rates.

The American people are struggling to put food on the table for themselves and their families, and have to live in fear of losing their jobs every single day. Yet, we are expected to support people who are on welfare, illegal immigrants, and refugees in this country.

Not to mention the cost of Obama’s family vacations. Plus we’ve funded his decision to send huge sums of money to countries like Iran to pay off terrorists who are kidnapping and torturing Americans, or just so they can rebuild their mosques.

Yet, Obama has the gall to claim he’s “done a pretty good job” as our President.

He may have won “Most Popular” with a large portion of the American people, but the rest of us see him for what he is. He failed the American people in so many ways. It’s hard to believe that so many people still like him. In fact, with our establishment’s polling record, I think its likely Obama’s current approval ratings aren’t quite accurate.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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