WATCH – Tomi Lahren Has ENOUGH, Goes NUCLEAR on Hillary’s Benghazi LIES

The nation has reached its limit with the dishonesty coming from Hillary Clinton, progressives, and Democrats. It has gotten to the point where we simply don’t believe a word they say about anything at any time. That saturation is boiling over. Case in point, outspoken political pundit Tomi Lahren took issue with Democrat vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine’s contention that Donald Trump as commander-in-chief “scares him to death.”

In a heated retort, Lahren rips Kaine apart for his caustically partisan “fluff” attacks on Trump. Lahren asks Kaine, “ What about the actual record of Hillary Clinton, not just the thought?”

Indeed, in a presidential election cycle where an outsider is pitted against the ultimate insider, the examination must be between proposed policy and established record. To that end, even Hillary Clinton is on record saying we should judge incumbent politicians by their records, not their rhetoric.

When we honestly look at Hillary’s record and her “accomplishments” during her time as secretary of state, it should give each and every one of us pause. As Lahren lays out, there is nothing there but a catalog of failures, chaos, and death.

In retort to Kaine’s inane declaration that Hillary Clinton would be a good commander-in-chief, Lahren lambastes Kaine for his blatant disregard for a litany of Clinton failures. Those failures would be such an embarrassment for any other politician that they would be enough drive him or her into cloistered retirement.

“Let’s have a moment of honesty,” Lahren said. “…Seriously, [Hillary Clinton] doesn’t know the difference between ‘C’ for ‘classified’ and the rest of the alphabet. Her private server put national security at risk. As part of the Obama Administration, she withdrew troops from Iraq, creating a vacuum filled by ISIL. Her Russian ‘restart’ wasn’t a restart at all. She engaged in ‘pay-to-play’ with her foundation while serving as secretary of state, taking millions from foreign entities that oppress women and gays.”

On each point, Lahren is spot on in highlighting Clinton’s grotesque failures as secretary of state. For any other politician, just one of those failures would have been enough for a real president to consider removing the secretary from his or her position, but not Hillary Clinton.

One can only imagine how quickly Colin Powell or Condoleezza Rice would have been removed from their positions if they had mishandled classified information in such a dangerous fashion. Not only would they have been removed, they most likely would have been brought up on charges.

During both the tenures of Powell and Rice, the issue of a Status of Forces Agreement was paramount on the issue of the Iraq War. However, Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration were so eager to withdraw troops from Iraq – in order to satisfy a political campaign promise – they recklessly allowed for a power vacuum that led to the rise of ISIL and the empowerment of the Iranian mullahs.

Where Russia is concerned, the Clinton tenure at the State Department allowed a brutal ipso facto dictator in Vladimir Putin to not only thuggishly overlord his immediate region, but it also allowed a neo-Soviet influence to extend into the Middle East. Today, the Russian Embassy in Washington is tweeting out threats to the US not to interfere in its military operations in Syria.

Lahren comes down hard on the issue of Benghazi and the deaths of four Americans, which occurred needlessly while others under attack by Islamofascist rebels pleaded for rescue. She also makes a critical distinction about a Clinton campaign talking point that irritates so many Americans.

Hillary Clinton had absolutely nothing to do with the bin Laden “get.” In fact, Barack Obama had very little to do with the execution of that raid. The US intelligence community is awarded the bragging rights – along with SEAL Team VI – for bringing Osama bin Laden to justice. That Clinton and Obama keep taking credit for it is nauseating.

Lahren is right. Where the thought of Donald Trump as commander-in-chief might create questions in some people’s minds, the record of Hillary Clinton should nullify her candidacy in everyone’s minds.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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