WATCH – Tomi Lahren Isn’t Holding Back & She Just UNLOADED on Hillary – It’s INSANELY Viral!

Tomi Lahren’s news cast has gone viral. The left will hate it, but the young conservative star once again perfectly described another crazy week of 2016 presidential election breaking news!

“It takes a Weiner to bring down a Clinton. Ironic. Like husband like wife,” Tomi Lahren said.

Lahren is a 24-year-old broadcaster on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze network.

Her show is called Final Thoughts with Tomi. 

As the young firebrand pointed out, Bill and Hillary Clinton have been brushing off all their many scandals as nothing more than vast right wing conspiracies. That ends now.

“FBI Director James Comey may have let her off the hook the first time, but folks, he’s pulling a J. Edgar Hoover on her butt,” Tomi added. The astute conservative reminded her viewers that no private plane chat with Loretta Lynch is going to save Hillary Clinton this time.

Lahren’s message to Hillary? “You’re not the victim here! No one forced you to set up a private server. No one forced you to delete 30,000 emails.”

Tomi Lahren’s star has shone so bright over the course of the past year that even Donald Trump is tweeting her thank you notes. “Glad to hear you liked my performance,” a glowing review from Trump, shared by the Heavy, began.

Tomi Lahren studied broadcast journalism at the University of Las Vegas. Even though she was likely surrounded by liberals searching for a “safe space,” Lahren emerged with a Bachelor’s degree and her values intact.

The conservative star first garnered national attention when she appeared as a guest on Fox and Friends. She then earned a spot on One America News Network. This network is web-based and seems to appeal to Republicans, Libertarians, and Independents who do not trust the mainstream media but want an alternative to Fox News.

“Young people don’t feel they can relate to the conservatives they see on Fox News. They need a new face that can speak to them, not at them,” Tomi Lahren said. The masses seem to love Tomi’s heart, mind, and patriotic passion.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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