WATCH: Trey Gowdy Lays Into Loretta Lynch With Head-Exploding Criticism Of Her Hillary Hypocrisy

As Western Journalism reported:

In an appearance on Fox News, a visibly upset Gowdy said, “it’s not asking too much to ask prosecutors to explain their charging decisions or their decision not to charge.” He was referring to the attorney general’s closing of the book on the Clinton email scandal, following the recommendation of the FBI director not to seek a criminal indictment against the former secretary of state, despite ample evidence of Clinton’s carelessness and negligence.

Over and over again during the often heated exchange with Republican members of the Judiciary Committee, Lynch stonewalled and sidestepped, refusing to answer questions about the Justice Department’s probe.

As Politico noted of the committee hearing: “Lynch’s unwillingness to provide her views on the facts or how the law applied to Clinton’s situation provoked considerable frustration from Republicans and, a couple hours into the session, a stern rebuke from the committee’s chairman.”

But when it comes to sharp rebukes made in a public setting, few are ever sharper than those offered by Trey Gowdy, as he demonstrates in the interview on Fox News about Lynch and her “total waste of time” testimony.

You can watch by clicking on the video below.

Headline: Western Journalism

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