WATCH: Trey Gowdy Turns The Tables On The Media With One Piercing Question About Benghazi Report

Trey Gowdy had had enough. After a two-year investigation that’s been scorned by Democrats as a “witch hunt” and sneered at by the mainstream media, the South Carolina Republican known as “the Bulldog” was snarling with sarcasm during a news conference to announce the release of the committee’s report.

After being stonewalled at virtually every turn by a cynical Obama administration in the prolonged probe of Benghazi, Gowdy began to growl at one question in particular during the news conference.

Parroting the Democrat party line, a reporter tried to cast the report in strictly partisan lines. To the Democrats, a Republican effort to get to the bottom of four American deaths during a prolonged terrorist assault on a U.S. compound in Libya while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state amounts to an attack on Clinton’s presidential hopes.

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