WATCH – Trump Fan Reveals DEVASTATING Hillary ‘Lies’ Video, She Will LOSE If This Goes Viral

Donald Trump’s passionate supporters are offering a seemingly endless supply of shockingly informative campaign videos. The most recent viral video forces Hillary Clinton fans to watch as she lies and contradicts herself on almost all the major issues. The career politician’s lack of integrity and honesty is going to cost her the election!

Not a single soul who watches this new video should be able to deny Hillary Clinton is a liar of epic proportion.

Hillary Clinton is not a good liar. Her falsehoods have been readily preserved on social media.

The former first lady would not have even been positioned to make a presidential run without the overt help by the mainstream media.

If the so-called journalists were doing their jobs and had an ounce of integrity left, we would not need to wait for a clever Trump fan to expose her flip-flopping and lies.

Hillary could have (and should have) been called out on any number of the lies noted in the video during the first presidential debate—but the mainstream media moderator was far more interested in trying to disparage Donald Trump to adhere to journalism ethics.

Clinton’s “landing under sniper fire” was one of her most egregious and obvious lies, yet she was allowed to get by with uttering an extremely flimsy excuse after telling that whopper.

Hillary claimed she merely misspoke when she said she landed under possible sniper fire, and a greeting ceremony was cancelled because it was late at night and she was tired and had mixed up the location and dates.

First of all, she told this lie more than once at various times of day.

Secondly, she never clarified nor was she pressed to reveal the real supposed sniper fire landing location and date.

Finally, and most importantly, the president of the United States is required to make many significant, life-and-death decisions even at night and when tired.

Hillary’s unfitness for office was never more readily apparent than the night of the Benghazi terror attack. While four brave Americans were dying in Libya, the secretary of state must have been too tired to deal with that little “3 a.m. phone call!”

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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