WATCH – Trump Goes On National TV, Exposes THIS About Hillary and ‘Black Lives’ Terrorists

On September 28th, Fox New ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ interviewed Donald Trump on the various points during the debate on Monday, from his policies to the Black Lives movement and the Miss Universe allegations scandal. But he exposes this about the BLM terrorists and Clinton.

Hillary Clinton is petrified to talk about the police in the positive way, Trump states. “I thought her answer having to do with the police was very, very disrespectful to the police.”

Hillary Clinton is more worried about protecting the Black Lives Matter movement, and lobbying for the minority vote far more than she is concerning herself with protecting the American people. Hillary is concerned with minorities, illegals, and Muslim immigrants rather than focusing on America as a whole.

“I always agree on waiting…to make a judgement.” Trump stated, regarding the police-involved shooting incident of Keith Lamont Scott in Charlotte, North Carolina.

But the fact that Hillary Clinton is afraid to mention anything having to do with police, in a positive aspect, is disgraceful. She is a person who would rather smooth ruffled feathers than speak the truth on certain issues.

Liberals everywhere are condoning the violence that has plagued Charlotte, and recently a city in California where a man was attacked for wearing a Trump hat. And they should not be.

Violence such as this is encouraging a racial divide in this country, and Hillary is doing nothing to dissuade it. Trump, on the other head, is calling out the movement for what it is: terrorism.

Despite Hillary’s claims that she is a minority supporter, evidence proves that this is not the case. She has, in the past, called black youth “predators” and has even spoken out against Mexicans illegals in this country.

But now, during this election, she has changed her tune. She says she is pro minorities, and anti-weapons, painting a serene picture to the masses. But We the People know the truth.

Hillary is a liar who will say anything she needs to in order to put herself ahead; she failed when she was against Obama and hopefully she will fail against Trump in this election.

Do people have any sense of history? Does anyone even remember her previous claims, that make ALL of her present statements untrue?

Or do all liberals just forget all that stuff, because now she’s saying what they want to hear.

The American people cannot let Hillary in the White House. She has proven to be nothing but untrustworthy and unconcerned with the people who live legally in this county. We need to elect someone who actually cares about OUR well-being, and will give a hard truth if necessary in order to make it happen.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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