WATCH – Trump Goes to Fancy Dinner, SHOCKS Guests With EPIC Hillary Truth Bomb

Donald Trump appeared before a crowd of New York elites at the Alfred E. Smith charity dinner and got booed—headlines rang out this morning. The reactions of those in the crowd when Trump dropped a few embarrassing truth bombs on Hillary prove once again how out-of-touch the liberal elite are with the bulk of America.

“Just before taking the dais, Hillary Clinton accidentally bumped into me, and she very civilly said, ‘Pardon me.’ I very politely replied: ‘Let me talk to you about that after I get into office,’” Donald Trump said, landing the punchline perfectly.

Even Hillary Clinton was moved to laughter by the joke.

Trump also sparked applause and laughter when talking about Hillary’s impressive campaign staff and then called out the names of various networks and their staff in attendance while pointing to each one.

The boos did not come until mid-way through Donald Trump’s Alfred E. Smith speech when he referenced some of the shocking revelations shared by WikiLeaks.

Thanks to the mainstream media, many of the folks in the room probably had not even heard about the slams Hillary’s staffers had made against people of faith.

“Here she is in public, pretending not to hate Catholics,” Trump said, clearly referencing the disparaging comments about Catholics and evangelicals in the documents shared by Julian Assange. Many in the crowd turned on him at this point, but he continued on in his bold, beautiful, and brutally honest manner anyway.

Until 2016, the presidential candidates who appeared at the Alfred E. Smith dinner told self-deprecating jokes and never poked fun at each other. All that changed this year—big league.

Donald Trump gave his speech first. During the time in between the speeches, mainstream media pundits who were covering the charity dinner live quickly began calling the Republican to task for not knowing how to behave at the function and the poor taste he showed in breaking protocol.

When Hillary Clinton took the microphone, she did the exact same thing. It was fun to think about all the off-air scrambling the same pundits were engaged in as they tried to spin the angst they had just spewed for inappropriate jokes now that their chosen candidate had gone down the same road.

Articles about the Alfred E. Smith dinner, which appeared today, described the barbed banter BOTH Trump and Clinton engaged in vastly different. The bulk of the stories about the dinner led with and focused on Trump’s jokes at Hillary’s expense.

The liberal “journalists” said Trump’s mocking of Hillary was “menacing.” When Hillary poked fun of Trump, it was “cutting satire.”

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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