WATCH – Trump Issues EMOTIONAL Message That EVERY Patriot Was Waiting to Hear

Donald Trump expertise with social media has proven a valuable tool for racking up the support, going directly to the people with his words not just at rallies but over the internet as well. He talks to the American people with respect and dignity, and give them this message we all want to hear.

Trump said on his Facebook to his almost 11,500,000 followers, “The American people deserve so much better. On November 8th, we will END this RIGGED system once and for all!”

This is in reference to the State Department’s aide for Hillary Clinton, and their “quid pro quo” relationship. They protect Hillary over the American people and service members, and it is something that our government should be ashamed of.

Attached to Trump’s statement is a video that points to Patrick Kennedy, the State Department Senior Executive, being the key player in both the Clinton email investigation and the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack.

And now he’s right smack dab in the middle of allegations of this “quid pro quo” agreements between him and Hillary. Documents about this agreement was released by the FBI, which stated the were agreements for the FBI to change the documents in questions to “unclassified” to protect Hillary.

And what would the FBI get in return? More positions opened where the FBI was originally not allowed to go, to off-limits countries overseas.

In the video, Mike Pompeo, a House Intelligence Committee, stated, “It is so representative of the behavior we have seen consistently from the State Department where every effort was made to protect, not our American servicemen in the field, not American National Security, but Hillary Clinton.”

Another example of how Hillary Clinton thinks not only above the law, and finds none of her actions to be the least bit unlawful or wrong. But she thinks she is above every single American citizen.

And people want her to be a public servant of this country, our nation’s leader. But she is unfit for the job! She is selfish and self-serving, and uses her government connections to get her way be they through legal or illegal means.

But Donald Trump is vowing to put an end to this, to “shaking up Washington” and changing things for the better. With Trump as President, we will no longer be blindly led by the government through the mainstream media.

Hillary and her camp, her government, her media, and her bosom buddy Obama, all think we are mindless drones who are meaningless, and should be kept ignorant of the goings-on in our government. But with Donald Trump, the people are gaining back their voice. And now we need to use it!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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