WATCH: Trump Just Issued A Huge Warning To Women, Hillary Will HATE It ‘Careful What You Wish For’

Donald Trump on Wednesday warned female voters that if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency, she’ll set women back “a long way.”

At a rally in Scranton, Pa., the GOP presidential nominee went on a long tirade about trade deals and jobs moving abroad and went through a scenario about how Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, would handle such situations with other countries.

” ‘Madam president.’ Oh, I don’t want to hear that,” Trump said.

“I do want to hear it eventually because I want to see a woman become president, but it can’t be her. She’s a disaster.

“She’ll set you back a long way, women, if that happens,” Trump added. “It’ll be a long way before it happens again. You better be careful what you wish for.”

Trump held a rally in Vice President Biden’s hometown hours before Biden is scheduled to speak at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia and make the case for Clinton this fall.

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