Watch: Trump Just Showed Up At Black Church In Detroit, Reveals The 2 Word Reason He’s There

Republican presidential candidate had one mission uppermost when he visited Great Faith International Ministries church in Detroit on Saturday.

“I’m here today to learn,” he told the black congregation, saying he is a reformer who can alter a political system that has “failed the African-American” community and will “go outside the establishment” to do so.

Although Trump’s appearance drew protests outside, inside Trump spoke from a hand-written message.

“I mean it from the heart,” he said.

“This has been an amazing day for me,” Trump said.

Noting that during the formative years of the civil rights movement the nation’s many black churches were the linchpins that knit communities together, Trump called black churches “one of God’s greatest gifts to America.”

Trump has made protecting religious liberty a cornerstone issue in his campaign, and spoke of it in Detroit on Saturday.

“I will always defend your church … so important … and defend your right to worship,” said Trump.

Trump said he met with black Detroit residents at the church “to listen to your message — and I hope my presence here today will help your message reach new voices.”

Trump noted that unity is the essential element to change the nation.

“Our nation is too divided,” he said, after arguing about a lack of “trust between citizens.”

“We’re all brothers and sisters,” he also said. “…We must love each other and support each other, and we are all in this together.”

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