WATCH – Trump Plays To WIN, Goes NUCLEAR on Hillary in ‘Pervert’ Ad

Hillary Clinton may have pending criminal charges in regards to her email investigation. However, she might be in danger of adding another charge.

In a new Donald Trump ad, Hillary Clinton is linked to alleged pedophile Anthony Weiner, the former member of Congress who had Hillary Clinton’s classified emails on his laptop. As this new Trump ad mentions, Hillary’s exposure of our national secrets to an alleged pedophile has made her “unfit to serve.”

The ad also mentions Hillary Clinton cannot adequately serve as president while she is engulfed in a criminal investigation.

Remember that Anthony Weiner resigned in disgrace for allegedly sexting with an underage girl.

It has been reported that Weiner has checked himself into sex rehab, clearly so he could try to curb his criminal impulses while hiding from the spotlight.

These are the kind of people Hillary Clinton surrounds herself with: corrupt and gutter individuals who only care about themselves. They don’t consider the impact their actions will have on other people. Besides, there are now rumors that Clinton knew about Weiner’s sex crimes or even participated! If either is true, it’s despicable.

The president of the United States is supposed to represent what is best about our country, both at home and abroad. How could Hillary do that, or the other duties of the presidential office, when she is being investigated by the Justice Department (which she is supposed to be running)?

Just imagine: the president of the United States could be involved in an underage sexting investigation! We don’t need this right now because we have serious problems in this country! We cannot afford to be dealing with Clinton scandals while there are so many people struggling in our economy, which was damaged by Obama.

Our country is losing to ISIS abroad, and Clinton won’t help. She will never be respected by any foreign leader after these scandals. What’s worse is that those leaders may continue to use her as a piggy bank that provides access to American secrets!

That is why so many states are flipping from Democrat to Republican—they are rejecting Hillary’s corruption.

If Hillary Clinton is elected, she may have to be arrested by US Marshals on her first day in the Oval Office.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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