WATCH – Trump Puts AMERICA 1st With THIS Incredible Video Ad – Make Him President!!

Hillary Clinton and her useful idiots in Congress and the mainstream media want voters to believe everything is just peachy in America. It is not. We are on the verge of a financial collapse, and Barack Obama’s weak policies have left us extremely vulnerable to radical Islamic terrorists.

“Our economy once dominated the world and our middle class thrived,” the viral new Donald Trump video says. “Today, jobs are gone, factories closed.”

Donald Trump gets it, folks. He was worked in the real world his entire life—building incredible properties, creating jobs, and learning how to thrive in the private sector.

Hillary Clinton and all career politicians simply do not have the skill set required to make America prosperous again. Over the course of the past eight years, the number of Americans literally living hand-to-mouth on food stamps has hit an historic high.

Today, 47 million Americans are using food stamps and not wages to put food on the table for their families. More Americans are now living cradle to the grave off taxpayer-funded government assistance programs than are actually working and paying into the system.

We are on the verge of a financial meltdown, which will make the real estate bubble and tech bubble look like the good old days. While millions of Americans struggle to pay for the subpar insurance coverage they have been forced into by Obamacare and travel crumbling roads to get to jobs that don’t pay enough, Hillary Clinton is giving speeches to the donor class and raking in millions of dollars talking about how great America is doing.

As the viral Donald Trump video notes, bad trade deals thrust upon America by BOTH Hillary and Bill Clinton have sent good-paying jobs overseas. Hillary’s views on the trade deals she helped create change depending upon how the issues poll test during any given week and which audience she is in front of.

The few good paying jobs left in many struggling regions in the Rust Belt, Hillary wants to terminate. Putting coal miners out of business is one of her top priorities—she said so herself.

The 2016 presidential election is the first time, perhaps ever, trade unions are voting for a Republican and not a Democrat in record numbers. The fat cat union leaders might like Hillary, but the rank and file who are most hurt by her policies do not.

Donald Trump knows how to make money, appreciates the value of a dollar, and has worked alongside and respected middle class and blue collar workers throughout his career. Hillary thinks such folks belong in her basket of deplorables, and her liberal peers mock their lack of formal education, indicating they are only voting for Trump because they don’t know any better.

We the People must live in the real world, so let’s put a president in office who understands life outside of the beltway!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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