WATCH – Trump Releases DEVASTATING New Video to WIN The Election, It’s PERFECT

Hillary’s foundation is corrupt, Hillary is corrupt, her entire staff is corrupt – this is something we all know. Trump put that fact into video to make sure everyone knows the facts… and it is finally starting to wake people up!

The Clinton Foundation was a tool, and nothing else, to facilitate pay-to-play schemes while Hillary was the Secretary of State. It remains active today to do nothing more than garner favors from elite big money donors both here and around the world.

Trump lays out the plan rather clearly in how Hillary and company created their scam and followed through to create one of the most corrupt politicians our country has ever seen.

This is what our government will become if Hillary Clinton is elected… pay to play.

The Clintons were advised by numerous people to cut their ties to the Foundation to save face if she winds up elected President, but they refuse to do it.

Why? Because Hillary needs a way to collect money from Middle Eastern leaders that want to buy favor with the United States!

If she does win this election, all we have to do is monitor the donations made and then see what policies are put into place. If we match them up with donation dates, I guarantee you we will have proof she is offering pay to play.

As a matter of fact, I would love to see the FBI do that right now. Have a forensic accountant pour over her books to see who made donations and how they were tied to various world leaders. Since Hillary is so transparent, she should have no problem with that, right?!

When Trump first said the system was rigged, many on both the left and right simply laughed at his allegations. Even some of his supporters shook their heads and said this was nothing more than Trump creating some headlines.

Oh, how everyone has been educated in the meantime. First, it was Hillary rigging the primary so she could take down Bernie Sanders, an opponent any other candidate on the left would have put down easily.

After that, we have case after case of voter fraud, the same voter fraud the left claims is nothing but conspiracy theory but that has been proven to be true time and again through law enforcement raids and private investigations.

Earlier today, Project Veritas put out a video proving the DNC and Hillary were behind the violence at Trump rallies! Do we really need more proof how corrupted and rigged the system really is?

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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