WATCH: Trump Releases Second Hillary “Legendary Lie” Video… And It’ll Leave Her In Utter SHOCK

As part of his general election strategy against presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, rival Donald Trump has attacked her over 10 “legendary” lies. Trump created a special website for “crooked” Hillary, and has promised to release 10 videos documenting her 10 worst lies. On Tuesday, Trump released the second video. This video attacked Clinton over her claims that there had been no classified material on her email server. The video started with Clinton explicitly stating she never sent nor received classified material.

The video ended with a clip of Trump tearing into Clinton, questioning how someone being investigated by the FBI is an actual serious contender for president of the United States.

“And to think that she has a shot at being our president, Crooked Hillary Clinton, we can’t let it happen,” he stated. “If I win, believe me, make America great again, and it’s going to be greater than ever before. We have a chance to be greater than ever before.”

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