WATCH – Trump Releases THIS Brilliant New Ad – Hillary Will LOSE If People See It!

Hillary Clinton’s attacks on Donald Trump are egregiously false and hypocritical, yet she just keeps on making them with the aid of her best friends—the mainstream media. This incredible new Trump campaign ad completely dispels one of the most disgusting myths the career politician continuously levies against the outsider presidential candidate.

Donald Trump’s economic plan will not only help create jobs that bring much needed tax revenue to local communities but help families experience, perhaps for the first time, the American Dream. The burgeoning national debt will grow even larger if Hillary Clinton is elected and ultimately cause the more dire economic downturn in the history of the United States.

It is not Donald Trump but Hillary Clinton who has been engaged in a lengthy war on women. Both she and her husband have a proven history of disparaging and demeaning women.

Each and every time Bill Clinton was accused of infidelity, sexual assault, or rape, Hillary played an active role in publicly disgracing the accuser. While on the campaign trail last November, the former first lady said all rape victims should be believed and supported, but she forgot to add, “unless they are accusing my husband.”

While Hillary Clinton was diligently working to rebuke the sexual assault claims and even the consensual sexual affairs Bill Clinton ultimately admitted to having, Donald Trump was busy leveling the playing field for women. Trump was the first person to hire a woman as the manager of a construction site, which broke the glass ceiling for other women trying to achieve success in the non-traditional career.

The Donald Trump campaign ad highlights how his economic plan will help women and families by giving them a hand-up, which will not cost taxpayers a dime or increase the national debt. Hillary’s plan will tax the job creators, further harming the economy.

Clinton’s economic plan is nothing more than the liberal status quo of promising handouts. The unsustainable practice keeps American families and women in particular beholden to the government and does not put them on the road to economic prosperity. Only Trump’s plan will accomplish that goal.

Donald Trump actually LIKES Americans. Hillary’s recent comments about his tens of millions of supporters, millennials, and Bernie Sanders’ supporters proves she does not feel the same way. How can you understand and care about the needs of common Americans if you loathe them?

Trump’s economic proposal will benefit both families and small businesses—the largest job creators in the nation on average. Families who make less than $60,000 per year will enjoy a 20 percent tax rate reduction.

Under a Donald Trump administration, women, especially working and stay-at-home moms, will be able to keep more of what their families earn. When a working mother can afford quality childcare, the family and entire nation benefits. When the spouse of a stay-at-home mom gets to keep more of what he or she earns, there is more money to cover the costs of necessities.

Trump is an equal opportunity “insulter” – feminists should LOVE him. When engaged in an argument or dispute with a woman, he treats her as a true equal and utters the same type of harsh retorts he throws at men who verbally attack him. I will take blunt and brutal honesty in a president over politically correct nonsense, career politician double-speak, and lies any day of the week!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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