WATCH – Trump Says Gays Being Tossed Off Buildings, Hillary’s Reaction is SICK

One of Hillary’s main selling points (cue the gag reflex) is her claim that she is more experienced in dealing with key issues, such as terrorism. However, she not only would be weak in dealing with the ISIS threat, but she has also just largely demonstrated how much of a pure psychopath she really is.

After Donald Trump mentioned how ISIS throws gays off of rooftops, all Clinton did in response was smirk and laugh. This woman surely has no conscience whatsoever.

The story Trump was referencing was an incident where two homosexual men were hurled off the top of a building in July 2015. They were still alive when they hit the ground, so they were stoned and finished off.

A large crowd was gathered, and there was a sense of sick jubilation in the air as the charges for the two men were read out loud. The crowd could have easily been there for a wedding, a sporting event, or some other major life event.

Indeed, the head of an international gay rights group said that ISIS has executed 30 homosexual individuals since they took power in Syria and Iraq in 2014. Subhi Nahas, a gay refugee from Syria, said the government of Bashar Al-Assad would raid the homes of suspected homosexuals and “launched a campaign accusing all dissidents of being homosexuals.”

Many arrests took place in gay hot spots, and the consequences were dire. “Some were never heard from again,” Nahas said.

The fact that Hillary Clinton laughed all of this off was bad enough, but she played a role in something more ominous regarding this. Clinton’s role of secretary of state is again coming under scrutiny because of it.

After he was elected president of the United States, Barack Obama was bent on keeping one campaign promise in particular: withdrawing the presence U.S. troops from Syria. He did so, and it seems no one advised him against it.

The one person who should have been wise enough to say something to him? Hillary Clinton. It was her role to be his adviser in foreign affairs because of her position. However, she dropped the ball and remained silent. Because of her silence, the region became destabilized in 2011, which led to the rise of ISIS and, yes, the throwing of gay persons off rooftops as a result.

Besides her cringe-worthy facial expressions, Hillary is counting on one thing from you—she wants you to forget it was her foreign policy that helped lead to this situation in the Middle East.

How many wars will she get us into if she is elected? Think about that when you’re at the ballot box.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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