WATCH – Trump Supporters Come Forward With New Ad to EXPOSE Hillary and Obama, It’s PERFECT

We couldn’t afford the first stimulus package, which was unceremoniously rammed down our throats, and we definitely cannot cover the expense of Hillary Clinton’s 2.0 version of the massive spending plan. Donald Trump will put America and Americans first and not waste our hard-earned money.

Why is Donald Trump the best candidate to trust with our fragile economy? Because he is a patriot AND knows the value of a dollar. Hillary Clinton and all career politicians like her have never worked at a REAL job in their lives.

The national debt, under Barack Obama, has increased more in the past eight years than it had under all previous American presidents combined. Hillary Clinton’s economic plan will add to our national debt exponentially and hand our children and grandchildren the bill!

The failed Obama stimulus cost taxpayers billions of dollars while offering little to no reward. Tens of millions of dollars were sent to foreign nations, to solar manufacturers who later shuttered their businesses due to a lack of a customer base and high prices, and to bizarre research projects and grants not worth a single dime out of our pockets.

The Founding Fathers would be entirely shocked and annoyed that Americans have taken up politics as career paths. They would also be extremely disgusted at just how obese and omnipotent the federal government has become.

The shovel-ready jobs were not shovel-ready in 2009, and they still will not be if Hillary gets elected and starts taking more out of our paychecks to finance “government-funded” projects.

Obama, Hillary, and all the liberal minions in Congress want to raise taxes on those who create jobs and fund our paychecks in order to grab money for projects they feel are worthy based on their progressive whims and the demands of the lobbyists who own them.

The United States already has the highest business taxes on the globe. When companies are taxed, lay-offs and stagnant wages evolve, store prices go up, and, once again, it is the middle class that gets hurt the worst in the end.

We need a president who has lived and worked in the real world his entire life. It is completely illogical and dangerous to elect a president with zero experience creating jobs, making the immediate daily decisions required to run a successful business, or has struggled to make payroll.

The economy should never be left in the hands of career politicians. They just do not have the skills and expertise needed to preserve, protect, and grow our financial system.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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