WATCH: Trump Supporters Physically Assaulted At San Jose Rally

Once again, left-wing, anti-Trump agitators have revealed who they truly are: violent, anti-American thugs. At a rally on Thursday in California, supporters of the GOP presumptive nominee were surrounded by protesters, many of whom were carrying Mexican flags, and assaulted with eggs, bottles, and punches. The incident is just the latest attempt by leftists to intimidate supporters of the real estate mogul with violence.

NBC News reports:

The violence broke out after the event in San Jose wrapped up just before 8 p.m. local time (11 p.m. ET). Some Trump supporters were punched. One woman wearing a “Trump” jersey was cornered, spit at, and pelted with eggs and water bottles.

Jacob Rascon of NBC News captured the moment on video:

The agitators continued to wreak havoc upon the city of San Jose long after the Trump rally had ended. According to police, several protesters were arrested and at least one police officer was assaulted.

At one point, a Trump supporter who was exiting the rally was followed by agitators before being physically assaulted. The attack broke the supporters glasses and opened a bloody wound on the side of his head.

The attack was caught on video:

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