Watch: Trump University Students Break Their Silence With A Stunning Message That Changes Everything

In a new video defending Trump University, one of three former students featured says the key to success was not just the school, but how much the student wanted to succeed.

The video was released by the campaign of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Trump University closed in 2011, and is currently facing a class-action fraud lawsuit. Students suing the school have alleged it left them with debt and no marketable skills or talent.

“I see and hear that there are former Trump University students coming out and I have to sit back and think to myself if they were given the same information, the same education, the same opportunity, how come they didn’t have the same results?” said real estate investor Michelle Gunn.

“And I think that is because you have to take action upon yourself. You have to go out and make it happen, and apply that, no different to any other education or any other information you may obtain,” she said.

Kent Moyer, founder of the World Protection Group, said Trump University gave him what he needed.

“I was looking for courses that I could learn about the basics of business, such as branding, marketing, finance. In addition, I took some of the real estate courses. I thought maybe the real estate way would be the way for me to go also, to look at investing in real estate,” he said. “And I must tell you that the courses that I took were outstanding.”

Casey Hoban, founder of Trimino Protein Water, said students were given the option of leaving.

“An interesting thing that they did when they started that class … they told us that if you feel you’re over your head or you feel you’re not going to use these techniques then leave your books on the shelf, check out of the class now, and we’ll refund you … they gave people a chance to leave the class,” Hoban recalled.

Gunn later said Trump would make an “excellent” president.

h/t: The Hill

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