Watch: Trump’s Fired Campaign Manager Just Said One Stunning Sentence About His Old Boss’ Future

Corey Lewandowski, former campaign manager for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, appeared on Fox and Friends following his abrupt dismissal Monday.

Lewandowski made it clear that even though he is no longer involved in the campaign, his feelings for the presumptive GOP nominee have not changed. He told Fox and Friends that he has always believed in Donald Trump.

He went on to proclaim, “He’s going to be the next president of the United States. I’m going to be there to support him, whether it’s an internal position or it’s an external position or I just tell my neighbors, ‘Make sure you vote.’”

Speaking to the co-hosts, Lewandowski said he knows Trump can fix the country and accomplish the things he has said he is going to do. He told them he has children and commented, “I want the country better for my family. And he’ll do that.”

When questioned as to why he was fired, Lewandowski asserted that the idea is to grow the campaign and make it bigger and more robust. He then referred to himself as a “small government” guy.

Appearing on The O’Reilly Factor Monday, Trump commented on the decision to let Lewandowski go.

Trump said, “With Corey, I’m really proud of him. He did a great job, but we’re going to go a little bit of a different route from this point forward.”

The candidate said Lewandowski did a great job, but now is time for a “different kind of a campaign.”

In an interview with CNN, Lewandowski was asked why he was fired, to which he responded, “I don’t know. I don’t know the answer to that.”

He added, “But what I know is that what we’ve been able to achieve in this election cycle was historic.”

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