WATCH – Trump’s New Campaign Ad is Spreading Like WILDFIRE, Hillary is Freaking Out

We have been saying all along that this election cycle is unlike any we have experienced before. Part of the reason for this is people have hit a breaking point with politics taking precedent over government. This breaking point has been coming for quite a while, which is why so many have decided to stand behind Donald Trump.

As his new campaign ad leans heavily on, Trump’s candidacy for president is more than a political campaign—it is a movement. The fact that it is a movement sends shivers down the spines of politicians, especially Hillary Clinton.

The American people have watched their government turn from one of service to one of overlords over the last one hundred years. The Trump revolution seeks to reverse that—or at least begin the reversal process.

At the turn of the 20th Century, Progressivism erupted onto the American political scene. Woodrow Wilson, the most damaging president to occupy the Oval Office until Barack Obama, began his fundamental change of the United States by floating the idea that the Constitution was both a “living document” and a “flawed document.”

Wilson assembled an administration that installed bureaucracy with the intention of government growing to be the answer to all of society’s ills. His belief – as those of Fabian Socialism, the parent to American Progressivism – was that an “enlightened” few making decisions for all would better serve the nation.

Over the decades, his mindset infected our representative government. Agencies and departments were formed that wouldn’t have to answer to the Congress. The bureaucracy grew and the political class saw a great deal of power to be had in embracing progressive bureaucracy and moving away from a pure representative government.

The administrations of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and now Barack Obama furthered the growth of this oligarchic bureaucracy to the point we exist today: a republic lorded over by a politically elite class that uses its station to enrich itself off the taxpayer-funded governmental feed trough. We have a government that always puts politics above government.

And so we have come to the point in our history when the American people have had enough. We are tired of the corruption, the con-games, the political grafting, and of being bled to death by taxes so that politicians can make good on glad-handing political promises that redistribute our earnings for votes. We are tired of opportunity being stolen from us at every turn to affect the fruition of a progressive social engineering agenda.

When Donald Trump walked onto the political stage and said he wanted to “make America great again,” he reinstalled the hope of the American Dream; he offered the prospect of an American made wrecking ball taking down the rotten, corrupt political house Progressivism had built. People have, are, and will take notice.

This movement offers the promise of reinstating our right as Americans to dream big and succeed in attaining those dreams. It offers the hope that one finds in family, community, and national unity. It offers the promise of security, integrity, and respect.

In this movement, Donald Trump is the symbol and very possibly the vehicle for leaving the failed bureaucratic politics of progressive destruction behind—for leaving the Clintons and the Obamas behind.

In this movement, we have the power to change our future.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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