WATCH – Trump’s New ‘Lying Hillary’ Ad Has Liberals FREAKING OUT, It’s PERFECT!

As November 8th looms heavy over the Clinton campaign, the polls are tightening. This is especially true in several of the critical battleground states that Clinton needs desperately to win.

One of the big reasons for the tightening in the polls and her drop in the polls in the battleground states is her serial problem with honesty. The American people have identified Hillary Clinton as a serial liar; someone willing to do and say anything to achieve her goals, even if what she says is a lie and what she does in illegal. A new ad produced by the Rebuilding America Now PAC refocuses the electorate’s attention back on to one of the biggest lies she has ever told, “I’ve always tried to. Always.”

The audacity of that statement; the fact that Clinton has lied over and over and over again – both to the American people and investigative authorities – proves how little respect she has for the American people. It also proves she will double down on a lie in order not to get caught.

At a time when the Clinton campaign is doing everything they can to deflect from the vulnerabilities that the truth affords her candidacy, having the electorate refocused on her problem with the truth is hurting her in the polls.

In the ad, CBS Evening News’ Scott Pelley is seen asking her, during a segment for 60 Minutes, if she has always been truthful. Mrs. Clinton’s response is enough to make everyone who hasn’t lived under a rock the last 26 years nauseous.

“I’ve always tried to. Always,” Clinton said with a straight face and looking Pelley directly in the eye. “I have tried in every way I know how to level with the American people. Always. Always.”

But this statement is the queen lie of all the lies that Hillary Clinton has ever told to the media, to the people and to authorities. It is a slap in the face to everyone in the nation.

It has been proven that Clinton lied to the American people about the genesis circumstances surrounding the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya. She knew at the outset that it was an al Qaeda related terrorist assault but told the nation for days that it was the result of a YouTube video.

It has been proven that Clinton lied to Congress and to the FBI about her mishandling of classified information over an unsecured and unauthorized server.

It has been proven that she lied about handing over all of the emails requested not only by the FBI and Congress, but by the State Department in conjunction with her mishandling of classified information and her unsecured and unauthorized server.

We know that Hillary Clinton lied and deceived the public and the media about the status of her health, hiding the fact that she is prone to dehydration, fainting spells and bouts of double vision related to a head injury.

It has been proven that Clinton lied and misled about the myriad instances of sexual assault perpetrated by her sexual predator husband, former President Bill Clinton.

We know she lied and tried to cover-up the fact that she misled investigators in the Travelgate scandal at the outset of her husband’s first term in office.

And going back to her very first job in Washington, as a staffer for the congressional committee investigating Watergate, we know her boss called her dishonest and unethical.

And on and on and on and on…

And now this woman – this self-absorbed serial liar – is trying to peddle the idea that she has always tried to be honest with the American people?

I don’t think Pinocchio’s nose actually grows long enough to register just how big a lie that statement is.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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