WATCH – Trump’s Reveals Controversial Pro-Gun Ad, It’s MEGA Viral

We now live in an America where voicing support for a constitutional right has become controversial. The liberals have almost succeeded in taking over, and if we do not stop them and swing the pendulum back into logical territory, it may be too late. Luckily, Donald Trump has showed us once again that he is on our side.

“We MUST preserve our American heritage — from Second Amendment rights to bringing jobs back to our country to enforcing immigration laws — the current rigged system has weakened everything America stands for! This November, we have a chance to take our country back. I will PROTECT your rights, and together, we WILL Make America Great Again,” Donald Trump posted to his Facebook page.

The Heartland4 Trump campaign video features both Donald Trump Jr. and Benghazi hero Mark Geist.

A glimpse back to the America we grew up in makes you realize how quickly and how far we have gone in the wrong direction.

The good folks of the heartland, the ones Barack Obama mocked for clinging to their guns and their Bibles, will be heard loud and clear in November.

The hunters and their families that the Heartland4Trump video encourages to get politically active to ensure the protection of the Second Amendment are among those Hillary Clinton dubbed “unredeemable” and a “basket of deplorables.”

The liberal elite look down on these hard-working and patriotic folks – always have.

They simply do not understand our way of life.

We do not look for or want handouts—we are self-reliant, God-fearing, patriotic, and, perhaps most importantly, we cherish and respect the Constitution of the United States of America.

Liberals pundits continue to claim a white educated woman will decide this election and be Donald Trump’s downfall.

They could not be more wrong—again.

The heartland is a diverse place – even though it is not portrayed that way by the mainstream media.

There are many blue collar workers, a plethora of middle class citizens – many of which are skilled tradesmen and factory workers who make this nation function – and college educated white women.

I am a college educated white woman, and most of the women I know are the same.

Nine to one these college educated women of the heartland are voting for Trump. This statistic holds true whether or not they are married to white, black, or Hispanic males.

The one in ten who have not said they are voting for Donald Trump only say, “I am a Democrat,” not “I am voting for Hillary” nor do they have Clinton signs in their yards. In past elections, there were always DNC presidential candidate signs in their yards, but this year it is only local Democrats who were given permission to shove a campaign sign into their front lawn.

I imagine many of these women will covertly vote for Trump or not cast a mark at the top of the ballot this year.

Mothers, regardless of skin color or education level, want a safe and bright future for their children and grandchildren – that fact alone is enough to convince them to vote for Donald J. Trump.

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