WATCH – Tulsa Officer Charged With Manslaughter, But Video PROVES She Was RIGHT To Shoot!

As the mainstream media focuses on the Black Lives Matter riots in Charlotte and that city and state’s need to take drastic measures to stop the violence and looting at the hand of Black protesters there, another event is getting little attention. This is most likely because the media sees it as an “open and closed” social justice case.

But the events in Tulsa, Oklahoma involving the shooting of a Black man by a White female police officer are not as “cut and dry” as the mainstream Left-leaning media would have everyone believe. New helicopter camera images show that Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby may have reasonable doubt that her life was in danger when she shot 40-year old Terence Crutcher on September 16th. The video shows that Crutcher was defying orders and reaching into his vehicle when Shelby discharged her weapon.

As Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney has been saying all week, one piece of evidence does not prove a case. And while the mainstream media is focusing on the fact that Crutcher was found not to have had a weapon that only tells a part of the story.

Shelby was responding to reports of an abandoned vehicle in the middle of a roadway. As she examined the car to see if anyone was in it – if anyone needed assistance – she turned to find Crutcher approaching her from behind. When asked if the car was his, Crutcher did not respond, he simply lowered his head to give a menacing glare.

It was at this time that Crutcher started to reach into his pocket. Shelby ordered him not to place his hand in his pocket, but did not engage her weapon at this time. Crutcher removed his hand from his pocket and put his hands up in the air voluntarily; without being ordered to do so.

Crutcher started to wander about the scene as Shelby talked to him. Each time Shelby asked Crutcher a question he answered unintelligibly, mumbling answers she could not understand. He then turned and placed his hand back in his pocket and started to walk towards her.

In her official statement, Shelby says she ordered Crutcher to stop and to remove his hand from his pocket again. It was at this point she realized that Crutcher “was on something.” Shelby is a trained drug recognition expert.

As Crutcher again put his hands up he started to move toward his vehicle. Shelby accessed her weapon and had him now at gunpoint, ordering him to stop and to get on his knees. But Crutcher continued to disobey Shelby’s commands, and as a second patrol car arrived on the scene, Crutcher moved to his vehicle and started to reach inside the driver’s side window.

It was at this point Shelby – after having given ample warnings and orders – felt her life was in danger. She discharged her weapon as the second officer on the scene hit Crutcher with a Taser shot.

Asked what she was feeling at that moment, Shelby said, “I was never so scared in my life as in that moment right then.”

An inspection of Crutcher’s vehicle found a vial of PCP. Crutcher was, in fact, under the influence of illegal narcotics as Shelby accurately deduced.

Put yourself in Shelby’s situation, keeping in mind that all of this happened in less than what appears to be three minutes. Ask yourself what you would have done had you been faced with Crutcher acting towards you as he did towards Shelby.

While the mainstream media wants to make this a cut and dry case based on the fact no weapons was found to have been in Crutcher’s possession, Crutcher was a threatening figure to Shelby, he was on PCP, and he was consistently ignoring direct orders to stop and submit.

Would you gamble with your life that he was not reaching for a gun? Think about that as the mainstream media acts as judge jury and executioner to Officer Betty Shelby…who was correct in her determination that Crutcher was “on something.”

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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