WATCH – ‘Turn Washington Upside Down!’ – New Ad Will WIN The Election, IF People See It!

This entire election cycle has been a competition between two warring factions: the political insiders versus the outsiders. It is for this reason the cycle has been so contentious and so volatile. A new ad produced by the Trump campaign makes that point abundantly clear.

In no uncertain terms, the ad lays out the incredibly stark differences between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. With just three weeks to go until Americans head to the polls, these realities are what really matters in this election.

The media have done a number on the American people by deflecting the public’s attention from the real issues facing our country to sensationalist inconsequential tabloid issues. However, nothing they’ve tried to focus our attention on is actually relevant to the critical issues our country faces.

In fact, the Clinton campaign is thrilled that the American public’s attention has been hijacked by the false-narrative of sexual scandals that play well in the media. Not only does it keep people from examining her pathetic record over the past 30 years, but it helps to “run out the clock” until the election.

It is for this reason the Trump ad is so incredibly potent. It is concise, to the point, and simply put. It reminds us that this race is about changing Washington, DC and the way it works, not signing up for another four years of government that serves the insiders and no one else.

“Hillary Clinton won’t change Washington,” the ad opens. “She’s been there 30 years.” And that is the ultimate, underlying point this election is all about. Clinton represents the inside-the-beltway establishment politician we all love to hate and complain about when we think about government.

During her time as a high-level influencer in government, we have seen taxes skyrocket along with the national debt. She not only supported and lobbied for one of the largest tax increases in US history – Obamacare – but she was the author of the original version (Hillarycare) that was so radical even her own party opposed it. Now, we are supposed to believe she will “refine” it?

While she was secretary of state, a position gifted to her by Barack Obama to shore-up her diplomatic bona fides for her next White House run, terrorism exploded across the globe and al Qaeda and Islamic State acts of terror took place on American soil—the first time since President George W. Bush left office.

Additionally, Russia, a nation with leaders who were at least approachable under the previous administration, has turned into a potent, saber-rattling foe that, on a daily basis, warns its people that nuclear war with the United States is a possibility. This is Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy legacy. And we are supposed to believe she will make things better?

A close confidant of Barack Obama, Clinton is complicit in the economy being in the dire straits that it is today. As the Obama-Clinton administration lies to the American people about job creation (low-paying and part-time jobs are not jobs that facilitate a recovery), our people slave to make ends meet.

By contrast, Donald Trump – as the ad points out – is the real change agent in this race. He has pledged and explained how he will be a “disrupter” to the good-old-boy, inside the beltway status quo that has hijacked our government from the people. He is the last best chance to take our government back from greedy career political opportunists.

As the ad said in the end, “A vote for Hillary is a vote for more of the same. A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for change that makes America great again.”

We can make this happen on November 8th, but we have to inform no- and low-information voters about the truth. Lord knows the media won’t do it!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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