WATCH: University Students Pledge Money To ‘Destroy Israel’ And Attack ‘Places Of Worship’

Although it’s common knowledge that American universities are a hotbed of anti-Israel activity, a recent video by filmmaker Ami Horowitz is showing just how far some students will go in their opposition to the Jewish state. Horowitz visited the campus of Portland State University to see if students there would be willing to fund something extremely radical: the infamous terrorist group Hamas.

What he found was shocking.

Horowitz approached students and asked them to make donations to Hamas, making it clear that the donations would be put toward “destroying Israel” and attacking “soft targets” including “schools”, “hospitals”, “shopping malls”, and “places of worship.”

“I like the sound of what you’re doing, it sounds like the right thing to do,” said one student.

The students were more than happy to open their wallets for the cause, most pledging to donate between $5-$20. One even pledged $27 to match her “Bernie donation”, an allusion to the much-touted $27 average donation to the campaign of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

“This is the poison we’ve been teaching our children for the past decade, and this is the manifestation of that,” Horowitz said on Monday’s Hannity.

Watch filmmaker Ami Horowitz solicit donations to terrorist group Hamas on the campus of Portland State University:

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