WATCH – Vet Who Asked Trump About PTSD Stuns Media With THIS Trump Announcement

A Marine Corps veteran asked Donald Trump a question at a recent event in Virginia. The Republican was highly criticized for his answer by the mainstream media. The veteran recently went on Bill O’Reilly’s show to talk about the exchange.

“I was satisfied with the answer,”  said Marine Corps veteran Staff Sgt. Chard Robichaux to O’Reilly. The veteran said he was surprised by the backlash over Trump’s comment. Even though the veteran was happy, Hillary Clinton and her pals in the mainstream media continue to harp on Trump’s logical response.

The veteran had asked Donald Trump if he would “support and fund a more holistic approach to veterans [issues like] suicide, PTSD, and other mental health and behavioral issues many veterans cope with.” The question was posed during an event for a veterans’ PAC in the city of Herndon.

Donald Trump said he would, of course, support such needed and necessary services for our brave veterans. It is what he said next that sparked controversy.

The Republican presidential candidate said returning veterans have “seen things” while serving in a combat zone. He added that when the brave men and women come back home, “some are strong and can handle it, but a lot of others can’t.”

“I was privileged to ask the question,” Robichaux told Bill O’Reilly. Not only did the veteran appreciate Trump’s blunt honesty, but the answer apparently helped him decide how he was going to cast his ballot in November.

The veteran also believes the VA has not been properly addressing the issues and needs of soldiers when they return from war. He added that the process and programs in existence now are definitely not working.

“It is my hope…Mr. Trump, if he becomes president…surrounds himself with people [like Gen. Michael Flynn] who will press for such issues to be addressed,” the Marine Corps veteran also said. Donald Trump has been given multiple endorsements from veterans groups and has enjoyed an outpouring of support from active members of the military.

Donald Trump has vowed to make sure all veterans get timely and quality care from the VA or a private Medicare insurer in an effort to reduce wait times, which are causing veterans to become sicker or even die before getting in to see a doctor. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have launched fear mongering attacks on Trump’s promises, claiming he wants to privatize the VA—as if doing that could make things worse for our returning heroes?

Trump also staunchly believes all veterans have the right to choose their doctor. They most definitely should expect to have that right and so much more from a grateful nation that applauds their service and sacrifice.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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