WATCH – Video of Hillary’s ‘Racist’ Tirade Has Campaign Scrambling – She Wants This Deleted!

Besides lying, Hillary has had a history of having tough talk on some issues that could pose a serious problem to this country. Of course, when she is running for president, she will take the “flavor of the month” and try to deny she ever said anything at all that sounded “racist” regarding illegal immigration.

Hillary’s legendary flip-flopping has just been taken to a new level because she once said the following statement: “We need to secure our borders because Mexico is a big problem. Their policies keep pushing immigrants into the United States.” 

Interestingly enough, this statement by Hillary is not an isolated incident either. There are a number of them which give a taste of the positions she used to have.

In 1993, Hillary was arguing against healthcare for illegal immigrants, and she said this: “We do not need to do anything to encourage more illegal immigration into this country.”

In 2006, Hillary actually said that Mexico was sending their people to our country: “The Mexican Government’s policies are pushing people north.”

That same year, Hillary Clinton also said she believed illegal immigrants should be deported if they commit any crimes: “If they’ve committed transgressions of any kind, obviously they should be deported.”

As early as 2015, Hillary even bragged about building a wall to keep illegal immigrants out: “When I was a senator I voted to build a barrier to keep people out.”

As a matter of fact, if you listen to Bill Clinton during the late stages of his presidency, many of this stances are things Republicans are actually pushing for today.

But, as evidence of how broken out political system is, the moment Republicans started to take the same stance, Democrats immediately walked over to the other side of the argument.

In all honesty, had our politicians worked together instead of walking a hard line, immigration would have already been fixed in this country and we would already have a wall protecting our borders from Mexico!

So, after watching this video and looking at all of the things Clinton has said over the years regarding this issue, how does she not qualify as a “racist”?

How does she go from someone who wants secure borders, to an individuals who is so desperately pandering for votes that she says outrageous things like “I keep hot sauce in my purse”?

Of course, if you tell the average Clinton supporter these lines, many will be shocked when they learn it was Hillary, and not Donald Trump, who said them. It would almost be fun to play a “who said this?” game on social media just to educate people on how much this woman will prostitute herself for votes.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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