WATCH – Viral Video Exposes the TRUTH About How Clintons Treat Blacks, Hillary Wants This Buried!

It is common knowledge that the Clinton Foundation was involved with the recovery effort after the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti. That is one of the jewels in the Clinton Foundation crown that Bill and Hillary always point to when people raise an eyebrow about their “philanthropic” foundation.

But the former Senate President of Haiti, Bernard Sansaricq, recently shed light on the true nature of the Clinton involvement in Haiti, both during Bill Clinton’s time as president and through the earthquake recovery efforts. In speaking to Donald Trump at a rally, Sansaricq exposed the Clinton greed as alive and well during this time. He also spotlighted the collusion and corruption the Clinton’s exampled throughout.


Haitian Americans beg Trump to LOCK UP #CrookedHillary

Sansaricq’s stories of Clinton coercion, collusion, and corruption are not breaking news to the American people. We know the Clinton’s to be ruthless, calculating and corrupt people. But his stories prove they will use anything and topple anyone to gain wealth and power.

Stating that he worked closely with the American intelligence community during the 1994 invasion of Haiti by the United States, Sansaricq also said he had access to records regarding the Clinton Foundation activities during and after the 2010 earthquake.

Sansaricq said that his initial dream, after being educated in the United States, was to “go back to Haiti, to do for Haiti what I had seen in the United States; free enterprise system, the justice system you have here, and fight corruption in Haiti.” But his interactions with Bill Clinton in 1994 tarnished that wide-eyed dream.

Sansaricq said Clinton wanted to buy him out, and through a chain of messengers that included then Congressman Bill Richardson, an unnamed emissary told him, “If you side with Bill Clinton in this invasion we will make you the richest man in Haiti.” When Sansaricq refused, a week later and by executive order, Sansaricq visa to travel to the United States was revoked.

He chronicled the rise of a cellular company called Fusion International, which morphed into Digicel, that became a major cellular service provider throughout the Caribbean. Clinton crony Dennis O’Brien, who runs Digicel, has given millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation.

Since the 2010 Haitian earthquake, which devastated that country, the Clinton Foundation has had a “charitable” footprint in that country. The former Haitian Senate President says the Clinton Foundation gleaned billions of dollars for the recovery effort on that island. He claims not even two percent of those funds actually went to Haiti and the recovery effort.

This is the modus operandi of the Clintons. Once they gain power they get hungry for more. They will topple governments using the full power of the US military to enrich their friends and, through them, themselves. And when people stand up for what is right, when they stand in their way, they use the full force of the power at hand – be it governmental or something more nefarious – to beat them down.

This is the story of how Bill and Hillary Clinton – and the Clinton Foundation – mistreated a nation of Black people, Haitian people, during their desperate time of need, mistreating them to line their pockets – and the pockets of their friends – with cash. This is how much the Clinton’s care about Black people, even as they smear Donald Trump as a racist.

Sansaricq suggested that Donald Trump demand Hillary Clinton release an audit of all the funds the Clinton Foundation received for the recovery effort in Haiti after that earthquake.

That would be a great start to exposing these con-artist grafters for the “deplorables” they actually are.

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